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Improv Classes

Lower Left Improv proudly offers something for everyone who is interested in improvisational comedy. Whether you are new to improv and want to see what it’s all about, have some experience and want to continue developing your skills, or are a seasoned performer looking to hone your craft, we have something for you!

  • Green classes are for students who are new to improv and/or those who want to refresh their art form fundamentals.
  • Blue classes are for experienced students who want to take their skills next-level. Prerequisite: Green classes or instructor approval.
  • Showcase classes are advanced workshops in preparation for a live show. Prerequisite: Green & Blue classes or instructor approval.
  • Musical classes are for students of all levels — you don’t near to be a professional singer, just a fun-loving participant!
  • Teen Improv classes are for 12-17 year old students looking for a foundation in improv comedy.

All classes are held at the Lower Left Studio in the Main Mall in downtown Durango (835 Main Avenue, Suite 209).


June 2024

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Green 1
  • Red Nose Clown Workshop
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Cindy Laudadio-Hill)
  • Green 1
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Cindy Laudadio-Hill)
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Cindy Laudadio-Hill)
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Cindy Laudadio-Hill)
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (isabelle F)
  • Red Nose Clown Workshop
  • A Night of Improv!
  • Sunday Funday
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Jeff Graves)
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Jeff Graves)
  • Green 1
  • Red Nose Clown Workshop
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Isabelle Fisk)
  • The Art of Storytelling Workshop
  • Green 1
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Jeff Graves)
  • LL Studio Space Calendar (Jeff Graves)


Green 1

Jump in — this will be fun! No experience necessary. This 4-week workshop will introduce you to (or reacquaint you with) the art of improvisational comedy. The “hack” to learning the fundamentals of improv is simple: allow yourself to have fun. We will explore the basic elements of scene work and play, play, play!

Green 2

Now we’re having fun! This workshop builds on the fundamentals established in Green 1 (or your previous experience). What you and your fellow performers build together will be the stuff of legend. We’ll focus on character development to establish where the characters are and why we’re watching them. Green 1 or instructor permission required.

Blue 3

It’s time to choose your own adventure! Feel free to continue with Green classes, or choose to go steeper and deeper! In Blue 3 we will stretch the muscles you discovered in previous classes, learning to make your characters walk and talk. We’ll explore established long forms and play with our own variations. Green classes or instructor approval required.

Blue 4

Tips up! Feel free to go down any other Green or Blue, BUT if you’re really digging this, let’s dive into some established long forms and see what we discover! We’ll weave multiple scenes into a cohesive narrative while experimenting with story arcs, character evolution, and building toward a triumphant finale. Blue 3 or instructor approval required.


Improvise to music? “But I can’t sing,” you say. No worries — no singing experience is necessary! This class will cover the basics of musical improv, such as rhyming (or not), song structure, and working with an accompanist! You’ll learn how to incorporate songs into scenes, explore the dynamics of solos, duets, and full group numbers. Some improv experience is helpful, but not necessary, for this amazing experience.


Hear those flash bulbs popping? It’s showtime! We’ll meet for 3 weeks to rehearse and design a custom-built improv show. You and your fellow performers will learn about hosting, scene progression, common games, and long form structures. We’ll plan how you want your showcase to look, and then (drum roll) host a full show on the DAC stage! Showcase performances have been wildly successful (and have sold a boatload of tickets). A guaranteed good time. Previous classes and instructor approval required.

Intro to Improv for Teens

This is an introductory class for teens! We’ll help you build a strong, confident foundation in improv. Learn how to “yes, and” while creating fun characters and being your authentic self on stage. At the end, students will put on a show for friends and family on the Stillwater Light Box!