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Improv Workshops

We are proud to offer specialty workshops that immerse students in specific techniques, forms, and disciplines. Hosted by both Lower Left staff and special guests, these experiences will take your comedy game to the next level!


The Art of Storytelling with Sarah Syverson

Explore storytelling techniques, including creating compelling story arcs, developing your story through the five senses, and finding your authentic voice. All that is required is a pen, paper, and willingness to share (out loud) a true story from your own life. You will leave with a story in hand to share with others. No previous experience necessary. 


Red Nose Clown Training with Tara Demmy

This 4-week class, taught by our own Tara Demmy, is an introduction to Red Nose Clown as well as a guide on how to use clown state in improv, sketch, and theatre. Clowns are completely vulnerable and they share every feeling with their audience. The clown’s humor comes out of their honest play, naivety, and commitment to their own stupidity. Using the red nose and your body, you will discover your inner clown’s rhythm, physicality, voice, and hilarious talents. We will then take these clowns off the circus stage and into real life situations (the office, the DMV, a first date) to discover new ways of using this theatrical form. Red nose provided. 

Intelligence is limited. Stupidity is infinite.” – Giovanni Fusetti